Veterinary Instruments

N2 (UK) Ltd are pleased to be able to offer you an extensive and often exclusive range of veterinary instruments to complete the extensive range of implants you have been buying from us either directly or via agents, distributors and wholesalers.

Being able to offer you ranges such as Acculan® power tools, Dentanomic® dental instruments and Sentramedical® surgical blades with Gold Diamantine™ coating is very exciting for us and we believe the Surgical kits we have put together for you are among the best available, as they include the popular Evolox® Poly-axial Plate range.

All Drills are UK manufactured (Normal and Anti-skid) and drivers have been custom designed with ‘Frost’ Hardened shafts and Autoclaveable handles to mention a few technological improvements.

Your orders will be dispatched immediately upon receipt from our warehouse in Portsmouth, as the wide range of veterinary instruments on offer are co-located with our wide range of implants, including our Evolox® Poly-axial locking system.

Our range of veterinary instruments includes: