Cranial Pantarsal Arthrodesis Plate (Canine)

3.5mm/2.7mm Pre contoured to 135° to reduce stress risers.
Profile 12mm X 4 mm for added strength. 140°

2.0/2.4/2.7mm Pre contoured to 140° to reduce stress risers.
Profile 8mm X 2.5mm for added strength. 140°

An improved plate with increased screw placement angulation
in elliptical slots similar in design of Limited contact slots. The
oblique undercut for improved range of inclination either side of
the bend greatly improves screw placement to secure the talus.
New range has the added advantage of reduce profile height to
aid closure without affecting torsional strength.

Larger compression slots in the Tibia than the metatarsal and
tapered to suit.

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Showing all 2 results