Bone Drills & Taps

Drill Bits and Taps for Bone

  • Bone Taps

    Bone Taps (29)

  • Drill Bit - Anti Skid

    Drill Bit - Anti Skid (8)

    Standard tipped drills can slip or skid when making the initial entry into the bone especially when the angle differs from 90 degrees. Anti skid have a very sharp point on the end which bites into the bone and holds the drill in place, ensuring the hole is exactly where you need it.
  • Drill Bit - Cannulated

    Drill Bit - Cannulated (2)

    For drilling over A-wires when drill hole angle and site are critical.
  • Evodurance Drill Bits

    Evodurance Drill Bits (1)

    At N2 UK Ltd we believe we are the first veterinary manufacturer to invest resources in the improvement of bone drills. Literature study suggests that the optimal bone drill geometry will be a 100°split point to reduce friction, and that a quick parabolic helix is needed to clear the bone debris efficiently. Such a drill bit would be more efficient, generate minimal friction and reduce the production of thermal energy. We are pleased to say that this style of drill is now available from our Evodurance™ Drill Bit range and fully manufactured in the UK.
  • Standard Economy Drill Bits

    Standard Economy Drill Bits (1)

    Standard Economy Drill Bits. These drill bits are made from hardened stainless steel with a regular point and flute geometry. They will have a limited life cycle and should be replaced at the first sign of blunting to avoid bone necrosis.

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