Company Overview


N2 (UK) Ltd  is a privately owned UK based company, supplying the veterinary industry with surgical devices, and are proud to maintain our independent status in today’s market.

We have our own ISO accredited UK manufacturing facility, and have been supplying agents, distributors and practices with an extensive array of veterinary products since 2002. Our research and development projects are partnered with the veterinary professional to further advance veterinary science, and have provided a vast range of orthopaedic plates, including our poly-axial Evolox® system.

Our portfolio includes: Internal Fixation, External Fixation, Pins & Wires, TPLO, TTA, Evolox Locking, Compression Plates, Cortical Screws, Locking Screws, Power tools, Dental instruments, Ophthalmic Instruments, Drills, Taps, and much more.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and ask.

New Offices

We have now moved to our new larger office and distribution warehouse located within 300 yards of our manufacturing facility. This enables us to hold a vast quantity of stock items for dispatch within 24 hours. Our team are ready to help with your needs either by phone, web-shop, or e-mail.

Our Products

N2 (UK) Ltd Quality Circle DiagramThe products developed and manufactured by N2(UK) Ltd are:

  • High quality
  • Value for money
  • Reduced carbon footprint

HIgh Quality Products by N2 (UK) LtdHigh Quality Products

  • Manufactured from certified medical grade materials
  • Manufactured under an ISO quality management system
  • Finished and laser identified
  • Inspected to ISO:2859-1
  • Cleaned and passivated ready for sterilisation
  • Bioburden tested to ensure a low CFU (colony forming unit) count is maintained

Value For Money - N2 (UK) LtdValue for Money

  • Control of manufacturing enables cost-effective batch runs
  • Stock levels are kept at economic levels
  • Manufacturing under ISO9001 quality management system ensures continual process improvements
  • Using the latest technology, machining and tooling enhancements means prices have been fixed at 2013 levels. We aim to continue this for the foreseeable future
  • We charge fair prices rather than replicating competitor prices

Reduced Co2 - N2 (UK) LtdReduced Carbon Footprint

  • Products are manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Raw materials are sourced and certified from Europe
  • Machining strategies and tool coatings reduce power requirements
  • Automation enables 50% unmanned machining time, reducing heating and lighting needs

Innovative Products for Veterinary Sergeons - N2 (UK) LtdInnovative Products

We have developed a number of innovative products through collaboration with our customers. Examples include:

  • Pre-bent plates such as Pancarpal Arthrodesis
  • Additional size configurations for cuttable and T-plates
  • 5mm IOHC screws (incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle)

We have also developed our range of Evolox® polyaxial locking plates and have now developed our second-generation design featuring crumple zones and reuleaux triangular thread form.

Examples include:

  • Our new TPLO plate from 2.4mm to 3.5mm broad
  • Locking Acetabular plates
  • PCL which combines compression with locking

Veterinary Instruments

Veterinary InstrumentsN2 (UK) Ltd now offer a range of veterinary instruments including Acculan® power tools,Dentanomic® dental instruments and Sentramedical® surgical bladeswith Gold Diamantine™coating.