Evolox® Poly-Axial Locking System

Evolox Poly-axial Locking systemThe Evolox® System

Evolox®, our range of revolutionary locking systems provide veterinary surgeons with a flexible fixation solution for fractures and breaks to Humerous, Femur, Ulna, Tibia and other bones.

The Evolox® system is designed and manufactured in the UK by n2 (UK) Ltd and extends the design of plates with threaded locking holes manufactured at fixed angles used for Orthopaedic surgery through its unique and innovative design. The design gives surgeons freedom of angular placement of fixation screws whilst still allowing 3-dimentional plate contouring. We currently have a patent pending.

The Evolox® system includes a range of different types of plates including Osteosynthesis plates, broad plates and Poly-Axial compression plates.

Evolox Gen 2 plate with reuleaux triangular thread formEvolox Gen 2® plates

The range of plates we can be provide has expanded with our Evolox Gen 2® plates that provide biological healing plates, hybrid T plates, acetabular plates, cuttable and cuttable malleable plates and TPLO plates.

The Evolox Gen 2® plates introduce crumple zones to help with plate bending and use reuleaux triangular thread form.

Benefits of using Evolox®

Evolox Angular VariationReduced Soft Tissue Irritation
Low profile plates with smooth rounded edges reduce soft tissue irritation and aid wound closure.

Angular Variation
Screw holes allow up to 10° variation in directional angulation, so overall the plate provides a 20° inclusive variation.

Evolox Fragment ReductionFragment Reduction
Individual fragments can be fixed by allowing the screws to angle and lock towards the core of the bone rather than be to the perpendicular axis of the plate, giving the plate coverage for multiple fracture configurations.

Secure Fixation
Evolox® creates a locked construct when used in conjunction with a compatible locking screw, providing angular stability and a reduced risk of primary and secondary loss of reduction.

Preservation of blood supply
Locking plates do not need to be compressed against the bone to create a stable fixation, thus reducing plate to bone contact, which in turn reduces complications caused by vascular trauma to periosteal tissue.

Evolox Crumple ZonesCrumple zones
Plates in the Evolox® range that require anatomical bending are designed with crumple zones that control the movement of the material during manipulation, and direct distortion away from the

locking holes. Locking plugs should be used for added protection.

Pull out resistance
By opposing screws in varying angular directions using the Evolox® system the perpendicular pull out resistance is greatly increased. Combine this with a locked construct and the reduction of the fracture becomes a reliable fixation in osteoporotic bone.

Plate bending
The need to bend the plates to an accurate anatomical form prior to implantation is greatly reduced as the need to generate compressive forces between plate and bone is not required. The Evolox® technology can be angled toward the fragment and still create a stable fixation. The reduced bending requirement also helps to retain the full strength of the plate, and protect it from stress risers that can cause premature implant failure.

Evolox Poly-axial plate with Satin FinishSatin Finish
In addition to the obvious non-reflective surface providing less light glare during surgery, the uniform surface layer of compressive stress acts to combat stress cracks and corrosion, therefore, increasing the life of implant. This type of surface finish also has a greater ultrasound reflection.