• Mouth Gags Grays

    Mouth Gags Grays (4)

    Well known Mouth Gags used for any dental procedure. Has plastic tips on the ends to protect patients teeth, spring loaded mechanism allows perfect sizing. Please ensure you remove these regularly during prolonged procedures to ensure patients comfort and protect against damage to the jaw.
  • Explorer Probe

    Explorer Probe (1)

    Designed to inspect the health of animal's teeth and surrounding gums, a very useful instrument.
  • Curette

    Curette (2)

    Used predominantly to remove tartar from the gum line.
  • Sickle Scaler

    Sickle Scaler (1)

    Heavier outbreaks of Tartar can be removed with the thicker tips on the Sickle Scaler.
  • Elevators Carnivore

    Elevators Carnivore (3)

    An economic range of straight elevators.
  • Elevators Winged

    Elevators Winged (13)

    Elevators are used to lift teeth from the gum using healthy adjacent teeth. Stronger shafts allow lifting pressure to be exerted unlike the luxators. Veterinary standard winged elevators in 1mm-4mm sizes, N2 elevators are winged to improve how it shapes around the root.
  • Luxation Premium Instruments

    Luxation Premium Instruments (7)

    Ddesigned as a sharp thin blade used for cutting fibre's between the tooth and the gums. Designed to go below the gum line.
  • Luxation Standard Instruments

    Luxation Standard Instruments (10)

    The standard basic luxation instruments in both regular and short handles.
  • Periosteal Elevators

    Periosteal Elevators (7)

    A Range of useful Periosteal Elevators used for both separating the tooth from the periosteum and also accessing retained roots.
  • Forceps

    Forceps (9)

    A selection of Dental forceps designed to loosen/remove deposits of tartar that have built up. We also offer a selection of Extraction forceps used for lifting the teeth. They have serrated tips to improve grip on the tooth.
  • Dental Kits

    Dental Kits (2)

    Feline and Canine Dental Kits containing the basic instruments required. The kits come in a stainless steel box and are heavily discounted against buying individually.
  • Mouth Gags

    Mouth Gags (2)

  • Luxation Incisor

    Luxation Incisor (3)

  • Molar Cutters

    Molar Cutters (2)

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